Аbout Smart Kharkiv Region

Smart Kharkiv Region –  is a new Kharkiv initiative aimed at enhancing the business, educational and research activities for the improvement of society and the development of knowledge-based economy of the region. Smart Kharkiv Region - are:

  • increased production and export of high-tech products with high added value;
  • technologies economical use of all resources, decision-making environmentally literate to preserve the environment;
  • maintaining and improving the health of the nation through innovation in health care, development of physical culture and sports;
  • new level of comfort and safety in production, transport, places of leisure and housing;
  • creation by means of distance learning equal opportunities for all in education and improvement of knowledge throughout life;
  • job creation for highly intellectual activity that brings the most benefit in the era of knowledge economy;
  • establishment of integrated computer-aided management and information support of decision-making, the development of "e-government";
  • continuous innovation in all spheres of life and creating opportunities for every citizen to reach its full potential.

Program transformation Kharkiv region in Smart Kharkiv Region - is the implementation of many innovative projects, each of which contributes to the achievement of goals. Therefore, the Smart Kharkiv Region is a place anyone with an innovative project development and is ready to work on its implementation in the Kharkiv region.